Emperor Ashoka`s Rock Edicts
An inscription with fourteen Edicts of Emperor Ashoka is found on a large boulder on the way to mount Girnar. The inscriptions carry Brahmi script in Pali language and date back to 250 BC. On the same rock are inscriptions in Sanskrit added around 150 AD by Mahakshatrap Rudradaman I, the Saka (Scythian) ruler of Malwa, a member of the Western Kshatrapas dynasty. Another inscription dates from about 450 AD and refers to Skandagupta, the last Gupta emperor. The edicts impart moral instructions on religion (Dharma), harmony, tolerance, and peace. An uneven rock, with a circumference of seven meters and a height of ten meters, bears inscriptions in Brahmi script etched with an iron pen. It is protected in a small modern building, on the way to Girnar Hill. The edict also narrates the story of Sudarshan Lake which was built / renovated by Rudradaman I, and the heavy rain and storm due to which it had broken.

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