Total Area 1412 square kms
Core Area : 259 square kms
Distance from our hotel: 1 hour
Established : 1965
National Park status : 1975
Nearest railway station : Sasan – 1 km, Junagadh – 65 kms

General information:
Sasangir is located in the Junagadh District of Gujarat, near the Kathiawar Peninsula. Part of the erstwhile estate of Junagadh in Gujarat, this forest was brought under protection by the Nawab, whose initial efforts kick-started the government’s campaign to protect the last remaining Asiatic lions. The Gir National Park is the only place outside Africa where you can see wild lions. The MALDHARIS, a tribe, and their cattle live inside the forest and pose a serious problem as they are often in conflict with the lions which find easy prey in the form of the cattle.
The forest has many attractive geographical features that include hilly tracts interrupted by rivers and lakes. Vegetation is sparse, covering only about 10 percent of the total area. The temples of Kankai mata, and Tulsishyam are ancient structures. Tulsishyam is also known for its hot springs.
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